BEANIE UPDATE!!! Very Important.

Hi everyone! I actually just found out that blog posts can be made on the website...neat!

I know the wait has been an ordeal with the beanies but I just wanted to give everyone a very transparent update because I've repeated this on Instagram multiple times, but having it on the website is important as well.

First and foremost, I want to stress that the entire situation is HANDLED and everything is moving forward! There's nothing up in the air right now, everything is taken care of.

The company I was working with for my beanie fulfillment is no longer working with me, and I've been trying to keep this situation as professional as possible. I was recommended another company to work with, had exchanges, was waiting for my quote/invoice, and then the exchanges stopped so after three no-responses I moved on to contacting multiple other companies that offered embroidery services. It honestly took me almost two months to finally find a company that could do the embroidery detail and size as the previous one with sew-out examples that I was happy with, so I'm happy to say that everything is being handled between three different embroidery companies!

I have two US embroidery companies I'm working with and one overseas company that is handling the manufacturing of Kirby, as Kirby had a very large amount of orders and is being made from scratch. As of June 28th, the last tracking update I received, my Kirby prototype made it to China but has not yet made it to the hands of the manufacturer. Once they made a sample based on my specifications and I approve the production, I will have an estimated date for everyone and I will do my best to communicate it with everyone on here and on my social media. 

Pochita, Alphonse, and Heartless preorders were made by my US companies and will be in my hands very soon.

Once Kirby is in production and I have a secure date on when those will be completed, THEN I will resume my normal beanie drops, along with the other embroidered hats and products I was slated to do. Making sure that everyone's preorders and delayed items are finished first is my top priority, even though the delays have deeply affected and slowed down my business progression, but I'm not letting this stop me. We'll be back to normal this month. 

I can't thank everyone enough for your patience in this situation, and I've tried to be as transparent as I could throughout this process, but also while trying to remain professional, even though the situation behind the scenes itself has been very...less than professional, to say the least. 

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