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Earworm Earring Cuff

Earworm Earring Cuff

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One thousand minus seven? idk man, I wouldn't be doing math if I had a live centipede crawling into my ear canal. 

This earring cuff hybrid is one of the coolest things I've been working on and I'm excited to see it finally come to life! Please note, this IS for a pierced ear and you will need to have an open hole in your lobe to hold it in place. 


This is a single earring. When purchasing, you have the option to choose between a right or left earring and if you want it in silver (platinum plating) or gunmetal black (gold plating). if you want two earrings, you need to add two separate items into your cart. Again, this requires a piercing in your ear, if you have stretched ears I'd recommend looking for silicone plugs that you can pierce a hole into!

NOTE- this item is still in transit to the warehouse from overseas, so any order including this item will not ship until everything is in hand! It is estimated they will arrive to the warehouse the week of December 10th BUT it could be later. There is no guarantee it will arrive before Christmas. If you want to secure this product before 2024, this is the time to order.

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